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Alternative metal, hardcore, hardcore metal, nu-metal, rock, rapcore, rap-metal, new-age, alternative rock, heavy metal, meshuggah, nocturne, mushroomhead, nothingface, endo, vision of disorder, kittie, faxed head, spineshank, fantomas, soulfly, godsmack, clutch, neurosis, fear factory, tool, deftones, staind, static-x, system of a down, korn, coal chamber, mike patton, snot, machine head, groups, articles, texts, reviews, interview, biographies, photosessions, underground, russian alternative, news, releases, hardcore the releases, new albums, audio supports internet cafe netsiti
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  The symbol of life paradise lost 
  Soulfly in peter on 31st of january 
  Soul flight in cologne (soulfly, 8th february) 
  Killswitch engane - revolution of sound 
  Of spioner a new album from system of a down  
  Guano Apes at Bizarre fest  
  Concert rammstein in moscow on november, 17th, 2010.  
  Our person on "big day off" in new york  
  Who such linkin park?  
  Zametochka about an album "make yourself" groups incubus  
  Taproot - steps to  
  Clawfinger: from "deaf dumb blind" to "a whole lot of nothing" 
  Moscow, on june, 26th 2010, open-air theatre, deftones, chino moreno, a finger, the lowered trousers, charcoal fumes, well...  
  Concert helloween in .. "cska" on may, 25th, 2010  
  Concert guano apes on may, 26th, 2010  
  Staind on the threshold of a new album "break the cycle" 
  Crazy town - children from cities 
  The joint concert of groups u.d.o. and the aria in rostov-on-don on april, 21st, 2010  
  The campaign in club "point" on concert doro (on march, 8th, 2010)  
  Marilyn manson in olympic (on february, 24th, 2010) 
  Soul flight in gorbuhe 2 (concert soulfly in d.k.gorbunova on december, 9th, 2000) 
  Motorhead eyes of the eyewitness (a concert in d.k.gorbunova on december, 3rd, 2000) 
  Concert alice cooper in moscow on august, 1st, 2000 
  Concert bloodhound gang in moscow on june, 13th, 2000 
  Joint concert annihilator and overkill in a top crust on february, 24th, 2000 spiteful article, to fans annihilator' and overkill' to read not :)
  Concert manowar in a top crust on december, 4th, 1999 the skeptical story. 
  Mtv-party. vasilevsky descent. 
  Concert soulfly in a top crust on may, 28th, 1999 
  Concert slayer in a top crust on december, 4th, 1998 
  Sony music about mudvayne  
  Elnino about mudvayne  
  Kosta about mudvayne  
  Thegear about mudvayne  
  Coal chamber facts  
  Deftones facts  
  Slipknot facts  
  Mudvayne facts  
  Staind facts  
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  Corey #8 (slipknot) is angry  
  Soulfly about "primitive"  

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