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Spineshank "Strictly Diesel " (1998) The author: SoceRRRa

  1. Intake (Abraham/Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
2. Stovebolt (Abraham/Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
3. Shinebox (Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
4. Where We Fall (Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
5. Detached (Spineshank/Spineshank/Spineshank)
6. Slipper (Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
7. 40 Below (Abraham/Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
8. Strictly Diesel (Abraham/Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
9. Grey (Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
10. 28 (Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison)
12. If It Breathes (Abraham/Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
13. Mend (Abraham/Decker/Santos/Spineshank)
14. Stain (Abraham/Decker/Santos/Spineshank)

Group spineshank anybody has pushed on the big scene other as ex-guitarist fear factory of dino kazares. under its patronage label roadrunner records has signed the contract with the young group playing alternative metal and having of some demos-songs. spineshank have thrust in every possible musical talk shows on the american tv, have carried out the aggressive advertising action and business has twirled. in the beginning spineshank positioned as younger brothers coal chamber, snot and soulfly, obvious favourites of that time, however after an exit of a debut disk "strictly diesel" about group have started talking in perfect other tone. at group there was a huge quantity of admirers and already nobody could tell that spineshank leave on glory of more known groups. cd "strictly diesel" is rather quite good, in musicians is inherent fresh on heavy music. unlike many similar groups, spineshank do not copy one in one korn, and considering experience of the more titled colleagues on a scene, write down rather competitive albums. left two years after the second "the height of callousness" to that acknowledgement. i recommend to all admirers of similar music.


The general point: 9/10

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