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By qualitative music on silencesux
 On april, 19th 2010  

 drummer spineshank of tommi deker (tommy decker) has informed promo - Heezer - /theprp/
The latest news on a new album "self destructive pattern":
"at me good news - record at last is finished! last week all of usdzhej baumgardner (jay baumgardner) has done tremendous work, leading up mix to mind. it is obvious our best record. this week we will finish mastering, and at once we will lay out a track ' violent mood swing ' on our site (it is already accessible Here). then all can be convinced that our sounding especially has not changed. it will be the first song on an album, and it really heavy! we were yet definitively defined with the track list; it will be exact on an album of 13 songs. we have chosen 13 of best of written down 17 though all 35 songs have been written. it has occupied a lot of time, but we have spent it knowingly. on this album there will be our best records. the first single will be ' smothered ', we are going to remove a clip on this song. now we continue rehearsals before may round on states. here practically and all news."

On june, 24th we wait for an album exit "self destructive pattern".

 drummer spineshank of tommi deker (tommy decker) has informed promo - DEZ
Jacksonville, fl. on the night of tuesday the guitarist of group The Used Quinn allman has been arrested. on prison of florida requests have started to arrive and complaints from fans of group on purpose to release kvina. this was reflected in concert cancellation in athenes on wednesday. mtv have written the whole article about it, read which you can Here

 drummer spineshank of tommi deker (tommy decker) has informed promo - DEZ
The first single of group Spineshank Violent mood swings from a new album the former participant Here

Jesse david leach is accessible to downloading - DEZ
On april, 18th 2010 Killswitch Engage Has made the statement concerning
The leaving from group. can read Here

Jesse david leach is accessible to downloading - DEZ
On april, 18th 2010 The Roots Ben kenni has joined in a role of the bass guitarist group
Incubus, thereby having replaced dirka lansa.

Jesse david leach is accessible to downloading - DEZ
Staind Will let out limited edition dvd a disk as bonus for a new album "14
Shades of grey". the disk will include documentary shots of a recording of the album and simply life of group. the release of a new album is planned for may, 20th on label flip/elektra.
The first single of group is the track "price to play."

Jesse david leach is accessible to downloading - DEZ
Static-X And josh abraham it is fast to record of a new album.

On april, 17th 2010 - Heezer - /theprp/
Video from Powerman 5000 "free" is laid out in online Here. as the director vocalist spider one has acted. the new album "transform" leaves on 20th of may.

On april, 17th 2010 - Heezer - /theprp/
 Korn Actively work over a new album which children plan to let out in the end of the year. presumably 10-12 tracks will be contained by this product. the group also removes a material for new dvd. bass player fieldy has started to work over a following album of foreign project Fieldy's Dreams.

On april, 16th 2010 - Heezer - /theprp/
 P.O.D. Are occupied by record of a material for the new album. 11 compositions are already ready. to write down a material group will go in may, and album release is planned to arrange on 4th of november on label atlantic. details and also about new video "sleeping awake" to read Here.

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