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[Minus] "Structure Of Simplicity " (2010) The author: SoceRRRa

  1. Enemy
2. Stranded
3. Half-Mile
4. At the Scene
5. Everything
6. Father's Eyes
7. Savior
8. Anti-Vanity
9. Hesisant And Polite

The group [minus] last year has let out a debut minialbum "structure of simplicity" on which 9 songs of this collective have entered. the debut minion shows exclusive musical taste and high mastery at musicians [minus]. at first sight it seems that "structure of simplicity" is a typical neo-metal album with a standard set of a cliche, however after disk listening you understand that [minus] have written down the extremely atypical disk for a modern metal scene. though it is outwardly difficult to find differences in music [minus] and, for example, 40 below summer, but it is obvious that musicians [minus] understand an essence to similar music much more deeply, and their creativity is reduced not to simple on strings of guitars and drums as at the majority of similar groups. on an album it is possible to find both heavy enough, and melodious songs, but more often and "weight" perfectly get on in one song. from the most successful songs on "structure of simplicity" it is possible to note "stranded", "enemy" and "father's eyes". i think that the given release from [minus] - one of the most successful albums in neo-metal for all its short while history and me seems that this group should not pass not noticed by fans of qualitative neo-metal.


The general point: 8/10

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