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 Interview Sully Erna (Godsmack) 2010 The author: Deran

  Godsmack (Sully Erna) -, : ", - Godsmack.
The only thing, on what i could complain, it is meal. me a pizza and dry breakfasts! i want fried chicken wings!!!"

In something it is right. since that moment as the group has let out the album with the same name in 1996th year which has managed in $2.700, affairs at godsmack go all better and better. and this ascension has three principal causes. to begin with, the group became known at itself in boston, giving a large quantity of concerts in small clubs. then, known boston radio station waaf began to put compositions godsmack in rotation, than has drawn to group attention of the wide public. at last, the contract with label republic/universal has given the chance to group to leave on a rock scene with gloomy superhit whatever and at all more optimistical awake.

"all goes somehow very quickly and fine," - speaks erne about growing popularity of group. - "to me continues to seem that sometime all will break off, too all fine goes. that day good news, and even when news bad, it is then found out that not too all and is bad." however all four years ago all was not too healthy for it. then, after disintegration of its first group strip mind in which it was the drummer, erne it has appeared completely "switched off" of music.

"being expressed by a literary language, i sat on a sofa and idled about two months on end, thinking of where all good days have got to. it seemed to me that i have missed the unique chance." erne has found work in agency, and began to earn enough to have apartment and the car, but after a year the desire to write music has returned. this time he has decided to become own group. so was born " divine" - godsmack. to remain on a kind (and can, and not therefore) erne became practising.... the sorcerer. it is trained in this craft at school lori kebot - witches with the 40-year-old experience.

"it allows force to keep balance in life." - quite seriously godsmack. - "usually at people of a witch and sorcerers associate with harm, and after all initially the usual women trusting owing to the earth and the nature were witches. they believed that if you live the kind person to you occurs only good but if you do harm it will return to you three times." it is visible, charms of erny operate in a correct direction, time its group continues the movement upwards. "i have solved for myself - give myself one more chance if it will turn out, means it will turn out," - speaks erne about the triumphal returning in music. - "if it has not turned out, i at least could tell that have done the utmost."

Having spent three quarters of hour or about that, listening to new plate godsmack on a good stereosystem, you receive impression - as though on you hurricane has walked average capacity. from the very beginning - with introductory sick of life and gloomy monster whatever to spiral, finishing an album, vocalist salli of erne and guitarist tony rombola do everything to make upon you impression a mad all-destroying impact powerful and a vocal. yes, in many respects godsmack it is similar to many great rock groups of last years - especially on metallica and black sabbath. but a voice of salli and guitar tonies give godsmack the, own and unique sound. in the best songs - shattering vampires and explosive greed - the group manages to give to the sound as validity and power metallica and black sabbath, and and gloom of own manufacture. the present coryphaeus of the business andrew merdokom, new release godsmack became the present work of art, in itself not only melody and charm of songs, but also energy and an emotionality. well and an exit of a single i stand alone, written down specially for a soundtrack to film

,Godsmack, heavy metal -

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