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Main / Interview
Interview (Deftones) OZZfest,1999 To pass to group 

- -, ?

It it was class, it was more tremendous. i had honour to play one scene with
All these commands. and all these commands - old school commands. here black

Sabbath - oldest of all these school commands. slayer, primus - groups
On which i have grown.

- how many years deftones already together?

10 years.

- 10 years?!

10 years together. since then, as these guys were children, with
High school.

- describe your music?

Drunk music.

- when i have seen you for the first time alive, me have simply broken off on a part. you
Children, is cool play.

All of us have different views on what group we are. stephen thinks,
That we a metal command. i think that we punks. i not absolutely know that
I think about it chino, frenk and ejb, but at everyone is own
Perception us as groups. but we definitely come off on full and
Friends for each other.

- you with chino in particular go mad on a scene.

Yes! i absolutely become mad, when i on a scene. and it allows to me
To feel on all rest of the time - same in a fantastic way!

- whether there are any groups which you would not want to see during round?

Esil is fair, half of groups does not approach on style to this festival.
Nekotore from them group of new directions. i do not love heavy music,
I love a blues.

- that you think of people in a hall?

They differ from listeners to what we have got used, but it is truth abruptly
To try to get such people. it does not allow to you to be forgotten. it is necessary to try
To give all the best on all hundred, and i think that it is very good.

- you that write to tour time?

We compose nothing now together. in itself something writes everyone, and
Then all of us reduce it together.

- whether there are any groups with which you yet did not act, but would like?

There is one especial group. and they have told that next year it
Is obligatory to happen. it - tool. and it very abruptly. i do not listen heavy
To group, but it is simple something overstepping the bounds of reason.

- when you will reach age of musicians from black sabbath, all of you still
Will play?

It is difficult to tell. now i cannot answer this question.

- if you did not practise music, what you then did?

You know, i love life and i like to feel here so i
Would do nothing.

- than you are engaged, when go by the bus during round?

Besides, that i drink, i meditation 2 or 3 times a day when we
Leave the bus.

- who musically inspires you?

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