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Where i?

"Silicon Heaven - ". .

About what music there is a speech and why about it?

, - .

And the alternative extreme musical current which is brightly presented by such commands, how linkin park, cold, spineshank, korn, dredg, slipknot, limp bizkit, cold, disturbed, nonpoint, korn, godsmack, pantera, machine head, system of a down, therapy interests us in a greater degree?, suicidal tendencies, infectious grooves, 4 lyn, urban dance squad, russian teams scang, spatorna, tracktor bowling, ruger etc., etc.

- Rammstein, Clawfinger, Oomph!, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, In Extremo, Tanzwut, Pitchshifter, Misery Loves Co., Front Line Assembly .. ..

: Metallica, Megadeth, Motorhead, Manowar, Gamma Ray ..

- - Lacrimosa, Therion, Rage, Theatre Of Tragedy, Nightwish.

: Mr.Bungle, Soulfly, Incubus, Faith No More, Static-X .

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Here is pleasant to me! that to do?

! :) .

Here at all it is not pleasant to me! you to me such?

- , .

I want to express! how?

Your opinions on the maintenance; offers on development; messages on glitches, errors, discrepancies; thanks and so forth, we with pleasure will accept in To guest book. musical themes, questions which you would want to set and discuss with other readers, place in a forum (the forum temporarily does not work, but in the near future will open).

To me it seems, at me is interesting for a site. it is necessary to you?

Yes! yes! yes! if you have article written by you, news or something is simpleconnected with site subjects do not hesitate and contact to us! with pleasure we will publish your material. write Here Or Here.

As to me to put on you the reference?

, "Silicon Heaven - ". .

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And who authors?

Anton... (aka dez) (omsk)
The web master, php-scripts, information filling of the basic sections of a site, the author and the manager of project rus..

Alexey titov (aka heezer) (Koblenz, Germany)
perl/php-, -, .

Nadezhda soboleva (aka kurkuma) (moscow)
, , .

Alexander parshikov (moscow)
-, .


Companies NetLogic - for a site hosting,
- perl-,
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