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 Chris Spicuzza - Electronics/Sampling (Chimaira) The author: Soulfly


Chris: no problem, at me free hour or so just.

- to you likely often ask this question, but i all the same will ask. why your group is called chimaira?

Chris: chimaira has many different values andwe certainly, choose the most difficult value and we translate it. chimaira - a being from the greek mythology, it consists of parts of a body of several various animals.....

- tell as it was generated chimaira and what have occurred in group during its existence?

It is rather long history. i will be short, initial structure: jason (guitar) ark (vocal). for all existence of group there were approximately 4 changes for 2. 5 years of existence chimaira.

- as you describe style of the music for the person which there is no time you did not hear?

Chris: FullBlownAssRippingMetal.

- many people style of your music with style slipknot. it irritates you?

Chris: no, the reason on which at us similar style, it in identical preferences. we love slipknot. so when we hear them, it causes in us only positive emotions. we know that they enjoy our music also as well as we of their.

- you have signed the contract with roadrunner, what can tell about this label?

Chris: c not to describe as wewe have started to accept offers from different labels, but have stopped on roadrunner records.

- mudrock and your album "pass out of existence". on what parametres you have chosen it for this role?

Chris: mudrock understood us and our sounding. then it has done excellent job over albums godsmack and pm5k, and it has abruptly worked over our songs, sounding has turned out simply cool.

- i heard that chimaira abruptly works in the live. what your show to you was remembered most of all and why?

Chris: last year there was a class performance. it was house show a concert which headliners were soulfly. teenagers sang with all of us our songs. we opened this concert "present darkness", represent they sang together with us, cannot overcome this sensation!!!.

- in the future you with different styles of music or that music you now play - the best?

Chris: we are imposed many by musical genres, but with the chimaira will be not not lost.

- and on to steam of words to readers of this interview?

Chris: "" - welcome to the family!

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